The green consumer

What companies can do to influence sustainable consumer behaviour

Brussels, 19 May 2019. The Green Consumer, partner event of GreenWeek 2019: and what if being close to your customers meant offering them responsible and sustainable consumption from the outset?

This initiative came about from a simple meeting between The Shift and VIA Belgium during which the impact of the eco-voucher was broached. The eco-voucher has achieved its objective: €1 of eco-voucher spent saves 1kg CO2, or 230,000 tonnes of CO2 saved (CO2 Logic)! The studies prove it:
It charts the course to a more sustainable behaviour. Furthermore, every other buyer assumes that he would not have bought a sustainable product if he did not have an ad hoc budget! So there is a real impact – QED.

That is not enough for us, however, because the stakes are far higher. It is a matter of overall lifestyle, not a vision per product.

We consequently tackled the issue by involving all the stakeholders: the institutional world and the business world.

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  • The Father of the Belgian Eco Voucher: Mr. Thomas Leysen

    May 2019 - Mr. Thomas Leysen (KBC CEO) share with us his vision of companies taking the lead on sustainable consumer behaviour.

  • The Green Consumer
    17 mai 2019

    The Green Consumer, partner event de la GreenWeek 2019

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